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Summer Jones / Bio

Summer Jones is a dancer and choroegrapher working in the
contemporary ballet field. She holds a B.A. in Mathematics
from the University of San Diego and M.A, in Dance Education from New York University in conjunction with the
American Ballet Theatre.

Point of View

For Summer Jones, to choreograph is to create a mapping
of the world around her, her experience of it, given the
parameters of music, collaborating artists, and the nature
of the business structure she is working within. She acts
to explore and question the elements of space, time, sound,
and the human voice as well as the nature in which these
elements coexist. In doing so, she considers the source of movement -- the acceleration which gives rise to movement,
the movement which gives rise to form, and the form which
most successfully resonates with an audience and participating
artists alike. The dancer's experience of this journey acts
as a prism to generate a dance with a voice of its own
This she considers the Perfect Number. It is perfect because
it is complete and attains its purpose uniquely. It is a number
because it is a living measure of the composer, musician,
dancer, space, choreographer, other artists, and
business structure both individually and collectively.

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